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I'm your host Megan Whitaker 

I'm a holistic living consultant & natural living expert - I left my job as a nurse in 2015 to empower and educate woman on their wellness journey.

This podcast is all about the REAL Crunchy things I do and know inside and out. I want tell you what works, what doesn't and the science behind it so YOU can go crunchy WITHOUT going crazy. 

Questions? Comments? Something you want to hear about on the podcast? let me know!

Dec 23, 2018

I've been dying my hair red for a decade. Unfortunately hair dye is a giant toxic chemical soup that I want to avoid. So now I use henna - which looks incredible btw.

This episode digs into why you should investigate what's in YOUR products and how to do it with resources like Skin Deep Cosmetics Database from...

Sep 16, 2018

We have 30+ TRILLION bacteria in our gut. And probiotics claiming to "fix" our guts and support our digestion are everywhere. But do we need them? Are they really helpful?


Let's dive into what we can really do to support our good bacteria.


Things I talk about in this episode

  • Research has shown that GBS in pregnant...

Sep 5, 2018


This episode digs into what the microbiome really is, what it does for us & how it develops.

Obesity, asthma, food allergies and behavioral disorders have all been linked to problems with the gut and our bacteria.  

You have several POUNDS of bacteria living in your gut. And if they disappeared you would die! Your...

Aug 26, 2018

This episode is the 1st in the 3 part Microbiome series

Let's talk Gut Health!

Part 1 dives into gut testing! I tried 2 companies with very different results. I go into all the details and tell you why getting your gut tested can be so important and useful (assuming you chose a good company).

FYI  - This episode was not...

Aug 18, 2018

The American Academy of Pediatrics just released an official Policy Statement on Food Additives & Child Health. It was a pretty bold & negative review of how the FDA is currently doing in regards to keeping our food safe, especially for children. 

I break down and explain the statement and attached technical report. And...