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I'm your host Megan Whitaker 

I'm a holistic living consultant & natural living expert - I left my job as a nurse in 2015 to empower and educate woman on their wellness journey.

This podcast is all about the REAL Crunchy things I do and know inside and out. I want tell you what works, what doesn't and the science behind it so YOU can go crunchy WITHOUT going crazy. 

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Jan 14, 2020

Health Insurance While Crunchy: How to Deal With Medical Costs & Alternative Treatments

Tips & tricks of medical insurance (from a former nurse who has seen it all)

Get my insider secrets for everything from traditional insurance, cost-share networks, prescription costs, blood work & alternative / complementary treatments.

Did you know
- even doctors in an in-network hospital might not covered? Individual doctors are sometimes out-of-network and there's almost no way to know.
-66% of American bankruptcies list medical costs as a major factor
- your insurance likely offers a 24/7 nurse line that can save you unnecessary trips to the doctor (and unnecessary co-pays)
- you can get free (or crazy cheap) care by going to schools or co-op treatment centers
-therapy apps are no joke and seriously helped me after a traumatic event several years ago

New Crunchy Thing I Did This Week 

I grabbed my ticket to PaleoFX for April 24-26 in Austin TX. (Not sponsored but it is an affiliate link) Check it out and maybe meet me for a juice in Austin!